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Oil and Gas Accounting Services

MI oil and gas accounting

Boge Wybenga & Bradley P.C. specializes in working with energy companies to reduce tax liabilities, improve profits, and find ways to grow. We've developed individualized accounting services to address the industry specific challenges, compliance needs and industry standard tax practices of the oil and gas industry. We offer a variety of tax and assurance services to upstream, midstream, and downstream organizations including oil and gas exploration, drilling, production, development, pipeline, and service companies.

Our clients rely on our expertise to help them complete industry specific accounting procedures and provide strategic tax planning services. Our years of experience in the oil and gas accounting industry make us a valuable resource for clients who are trying to obtain financing, acquire and sell properties, or identify tax advantages for operators and investors. When you work with Boge Wybenga & Bradley P.C., you can be confident that your company is always in compliance with current tax regulations and is avoiding any activity that could attract an audit from the IRS.

Accounting and Tax Services for the Oil and Gas Industry

Boge Wybenga & Bradley P.C. offers the unique combination of oil and gas industry accounting services and sound financial advice that your company needs to increase profits and grow. We encourage you to call our Mt. Pleasant, MI CPA firm at 989-772-1730 now or request a free consultation online.

  • Strategies to maximize deductions related to drilling costs
  • Transaction structuring
  • Entity selection including LLC and partnership structures
  • Exit planning to minimize tax liability